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Compensation and Benefits

In a move to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 amid a surging new variant, Thomas Nelson (becoming Virginia Peninsula Community College) is switching most of its classes from in-person to virtual for the first two weeks of spring semester. Read more.


Thomas Nelson Community College offers a comprehensive benefits package through the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Visit the Virginia Department of Human Resources Management for a summary of employee benefits.

Other Benefits include:

  • Educational Aid / Continuous Learning
  • Short Term / Long Term Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Purchase of Service


As an employee of Thomas Nelson Community College and the Commonwealth of Virginia, employees are offered a comprehensive compensation package.  Compensation is determined by employee category type.  Instructional Faculty, Adjunct Faculty and Administrative Faculty compensation is in accordance with the Virginia Community Colleges policies and procedures (click here for additional information). Classified and wage employee compensation is calculated in accordance with the Department of Human Resource Management policies and procedures (click below for additional information).