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Technical Studies: Technical Supervision Specialization

Technical Studies: Technical Supervision Specialization
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Associate of Applied Science
Academic Division: 
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics



Are you technically competent?

Do you have significant work experience?

Are you lacking a college degree to advance in your career field?

Turn technical training into formal education to advance your career.

This program rewards you for your work experience, those technical skills and professional experience you have been accomplishing in your career for up to 23 of the 60 credits required for the degree!

Offered exclusively online, this degree is designed for students to earn college credit for knowledge, training and skills obtained from work experience, with significant and documented occupational experience. Applicants who have completed certifications, registered apprenticeships, former or current service members, and employees of companies with highly structured training programs can transition into the AAS degree and receive credits for their professional experience.

You will begin by filling out a short questionnaire to determine if you have enough work experience to gain academic credits and then once approved, enroll in IND 198 course. IND 198 Work Experience inquiry form:  You must obtain SET division approval from the academic dean or program head for admission. 

Thomas Nelson Community College faculty will determine how much academic credit you will be awarded for those technical skills and professional experiences in the introduction course IND 198 – Seminar and Project. If additional course work is required to reach the 23 credits, an academic advisor will help you determine which elective classes align with your professional goals. After credit is awarded, students will complete general education requirements and technical foundation coursework to prepare for supervisory positions in business or industry.

Thomas Nelson Community College’s Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Technical Studies with a Specialization in Technical Supervision help you grow and develop.

Online Learning Option This program can be completed online or in the classroom.

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