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Quick Step Guide for Requesters





·        Open your Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, etc…) and type in in the address bar and press Enter or click on Go.


·         Follow the next few steps if you are a first time user or if you are asked to enter an Organization Account Number.


·        If it is the first time your computer has been to the website, enter the Organization Account Number 98079867 and click Submit Organization as prompted.



·        You should now be viewing a page asking for your email address. Place your cursor on a blank area on the email address page, click your right mouse button and select Create Shortcut. This will add an icon on your desktop that you can double click the next time you want to sign in. Enter your Thomas Nelson Community College email address and click Submit. When prompted to enter your first and last name, do so.


You are now viewing an actual work order request form.


Step 1: This will be filled in with your information from the email address you entered at the sign in screen.



Step 2: a) Click on the drop down arrow and highlight the Location where you want the work to be done and click the mouse. b) Follow the same steps for Area. c) You are required to type in the Area/Room # (required field).







Step 3: Select the craft name that best describes your problem and click on it.




Step 4: Type in your description of the problem.


Step 5: Type in the best time would be for a technician to come by if a technician is       assigned.


Step 6: Type in the date that you would like the work to be completed if a technician is available.



Step 7: Type in the submittal password of: gators


Step 8: Click submit


After you click submit, the screen will refresh and automatically go to the My Request Tab.




On this screen you will see up-to-date information on your request(s) including the status, work order number and action taken notes. You can click on the number next to the status description to see all requests marked with that status. You can search for any work order request by typing in a key word in the Search box and clicking on GO. This will pull up any of your requests with that word in it (e.g., keys would pull up any request dealing with keys).


Click on the Work Request Tab to input a new request.