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iOS Apps

In a move to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 amid a surging new variant, Thomas Nelson (becoming Virginia Peninsula Community College) is switching most of its classes from in-person to virtual for the first two weeks of spring semester. Read more.

AppWriter US

AppWriter has many assistive features. including word prediction, text-to-speech and the special Dyslexie-font.


An ultrafast text editor and word predictor.

Fast Finga

Converts hand written notes into text.

Formulas HD for Calculus

A simple, easy to use, easy to navigate collection of the most important formulas and topics for college students.


Super robust PDF reader for iPad.

Graphing Calculator

Turns iPhone into a graphing calculator.

Hidden Curriculum for Adolescents and Adults

Helps those on the autistic spectrum and those interacting with them learn how to deal with the hidden curriculum.


Read, annotate and share PDFs. Improve your productivety and organization.


Great way to download books from the iBookstore.


Draw a diagram - mind map, concept map, or flow chart and convert it to a text outline.


Organize your schedule, courses and semesters.


Mind mapping tool for iPhone and iTouch.

Learning Ally

DAISY reader that works with Learning Ally.


A variety of apps designed to allow users with visual impairments or blindness to identify money, identify everyday items or leave breadcrumbs along a travel route.


Interactive notebook for typing, writing, recording and images.


Brainstorming, mindmapping, collaborating.

Quick Voice

Full-featured voice recorder that allows multi-tasking to record and use other apps at the same time.

Read 2 Me

Full speech synthesis for a complete library of texts using the *.txt file format.


eBook reader that works with


Amplify sounds discreetly with this customizable hearing app.

Speak It!

Text to speech for emails and other documents.


Spell checker with a variety of languages with English thesaurus.

Talking FlashCards

Use while driving, running, walking to capitalize on down time.


Schedule SMS text reminders to be sent to you at the times you specify, repeating as often as you choose.


Powerful word prediction software that learns how you misspell words, correcting even the worst typos.

vBooks Voice Readers

Reads uPub audiobooks and mobile PDFs outloud, including the use of the dyslexic font.


Video magnifier with ability to connect to larger monitor for people with vision impairments.

Voice Dream

Reads text from a variety of files with universal access including Dyslexia font, Focused Reading Mode and customizable options for the visually impaired.


Magnify and read printed text.

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