Inclement Weather

How does the College respond to inclement weather?

In general, the College must continue certain operations during periods of inclement weather due to the needs of students, the requirements of ongoing College activities, and other factors. However, the College has a policy on inclement weather, which clearly defines how such declared days impact faculty and staff (see the Inclement Weather Policy page). Generally, there are three possible responses to incidents of inclement weather:

  • Delayed opening. During a delayed opening, College officials will publicly announce the specific time at which the College will open. Essential employees may be required to report to work earlier, depending on the situation.
  • Early Closing. In the event of an early closing, the College will cease all academic classes and regular business operations at a publicly announced time. Essential employees may be asked to extend their work schedule depending on the situation.
  • Closure of offices and business operations. In the event of a closure, all day and evening classes will be cancelled. All offices and regular business operations will be closed. Essential employees may be asked to report to work depending on the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my class will be held? Will my instructor be there?

If an instructor cannot get to campus because of bad weather, he or she must notify the responsible division. The faculty member or the division will try to contact students using their Virginia Peninsula email, so be sure to check your email messages. Students must check Canvas for additional information about the class.

If local schools are closed, will there still be classes?

Unlike public schools, Virginia Peninsula does not operate a school bus system and uses different criteria to decide that it is appropriate to close. Virginia Peninsula closes only when its own roads, parking lots, the main highways or the roads immediately around the campuses are too dangerous to negotiate safely. Thus, Virginia Peninsula may be open when other local schools are closed.

I take a class at a local school, how do I know if my class is cancelled?

If the College closes, classes at off-campus locations such as local schools will also be cancelled. If the College remains open but the school is closed, the Virginia Peninsula class is cancelled for that day. Students should pay attention to local school closing information if they are taking classes at a local school.

What happens if Virginia Peninsula campuses are open but a site is closed for some reason?

If Virginia Peninsula campuses at both the Hampton and Historic Triangle campuses are open and a different location/site (i.e. Southeast Higher Education Center) is closed, classes at the closed location/site will be cancelled.

What happens if Virginia Peninsula campuses are closed but a site is open for some reason?

If Virginia Peninsula campuses at both the Hampton and Historic Triangle campuses are closed and a different location/site (i.e. Southeast Higher Education Center) is open, classes will be held at the location/site as scheduled.

What will happen if I do not attend class because I decide it's too dangerous for me to come?

We realize that a general decision for the College cannot account for the individual circumstances of all students. Use your best judgment and be prompt in communicating your situation to your instructor.

If my class starts before the delayed opening time, should I come to campus?

When the College announces a delayed opening, any class with at least 45 minutes of class time remaining after the College opens will be held. For example, if the College opens at 10:00 a.m., a 9:30-10:45 a.m. class will begin at 10:00 a.m. This procedure applies to all credit classes.

I came to class and right after it started the College closed. Why?

The safety of students and employees is the most important consideration. Sometimes decision makers get information indicating that the College should close at times that do not exactly coincides with the beginning and ending of every class. It is better to cancel the class in this case than to keep the students when conditions are getting dangerous. Virginia Peninsula classes do not all start and stop on a uniform schedule. Any early closing time is likely to interrupt some classes.

What should employees know about declared inclement weather days?

Delayed Opening

Under a delayed opening, the delayed opening time will apply to College classes, offices and regular business operations and will be determined with each incident of inclement weather.

  • Employees not identified as "essential personnel" are expected to arrive at work by the designated delayed opening time.
  • Non-essential employees must immediately notify their supervisor of his/her inability to report to work at the delayed opening time.
  • Essential personnel who do not report to work will be charged a full day's leave or be placed on leave without pay. Employee must inform his/her supervisor the reason for the absence. Supervisors must approve the leave of the employee.
  • Employees whose shift begins after the delayed opening time should report to work as regularly scheduled.
  • Employees identified as "essential personnel" should report to work by the designated time established by their supervisor.

Early Closing

In the event of an early dismissal, the designated early dismissal time for College classes, offices and business operations will be determined with each incident of inclement weather and followed consistently.

  • Employees identified as "essential personnel" should report to work by the designated time established by their supervisor.
  • Employees not identified as "essential personnel" will be dismissed to go home and will not be charged any leave for the balance of the employee's work day.
  • Employees who leave earlier than the designated dismissal time will be charged leave or no pay for the full amount of time they are absent prior to the dismissal time.
  • Essential personnel are expected to remain at work as regularly scheduled, unless otherwise directed by their supervisor.
  • Employees who have not been identified as "weather or event essential personnel" who have shifts beginning after the designated early dismissal time should not report to work.

Class Cancellation

If inclement weather conditions warrant a decision to cancel classes and close offices and regular business operations, employees who have not been designated as "essential personnel" should not report to work.

  • Essential personnel are expected to report to work as scheduled, unless otherwise directed by their supervisor.

What if I work a special shift at the College?

Supervisors of employees who work special shifts will make clear how closings or delayed openings affect attendance expectations.

Are part time hourly and P-14 employees eligible for inclement weather pay?

P-14 employees who miss work due to inclement weather will not be paid for time missed. If the College has a delayed opening, early dismissal or closure due to inclement weather, P-14 employees will receive pay for the hours they actually work.

What is meant by 'the full amount of time that they are late'?

The employee will be charged leave for their absence beginning at the designated opening time until the time they arrive. For example, if the designated opening time is 10:00 a.m. and the employee arrives at 10:30 a.m., they will be charged ½ hour leave.

How do I know if my position is defined as essential personnel?

Individual departments are responsible for designating "essential personnel" and ensuring that all such employees are aware of their responsibilities. These duty areas might include positions in Plant Services who assist with snow and ice removal. Individual staff members who are uncertain of their designation as essential personnel should consult their supervisor.

I live an area that is particularly hazardous. What should I do if I can't make it into work?

Employees should make every attempt to get to work within the bounds of their personal safety. Faculty and staff who face particularly dangerous hazards in transit to work during inclement weather should consult with their supervisor before inclement weather strikes as soon as conditions become unsafe. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an individual's responsibilities on campus, it may be possible to arrange for making up lost time or using annual leave when weather conditions prohibit an individual from traveling to campus for a regularly scheduled shift.

Do I need to report my leave if I am unable to get to my worksite due to inclement weather?

Yes, please refer to your appropriate employment type below:

Classified Employees may use the following types of leave

  • Accrued compensatory time - may be required to use this first (overtime eligible CS employees only)
  • Personal Leave (full day only)
  • Accrued annual leave
  • Leave without pay

Administrative Professional Employees may use the following types of leave

  • Accrued annual leave
  • Personal Leave (full day only)
  • Leave without pay

Full-time Faculty may use the following types of leave

  • Personal Holiday (full day only)
  • Leave without pay

Adjunct Faculty are not eligible for leave

Can I work from home if I am unable to get to my worksite due to inclement weather?

Administrative Professional and classified employees must receive prior approval from their manager/supervisor and must have a current signed Telecommuting Agreement on file.

I have exhausted all my leave and am unable to work from home. What options do I have?

Upon prior approval from the manager/supervisor, an overtime eligible Classified employee may:

  • Use leave without pay.
  • If business needs allow, temporarily adjust his/her schedule to work additional hours during the workweek that the inclement weather occurred.

What happens if I work overtime during inclement weather?

Overtime-eligible employees receive compensation leave for overtime worked in accordance with Virginia Peninsula and DHRM policies regarding overtime.

How does the College decide to remain open, delay the opening, or cancel classes?

In the event of inclement weather, the College recognizes the need to address how such conditions may affect the overall operations of the institution. In general, the TNCC Police Department and Plant Services check road conditions in the early morning hours when inclement weather is expected to occur. Conditions are reported to College administrators who discuss via conference call whether the College should delay opening or cancel classes and close business operations. They make this determination based on the following four criteria:

  • Designated College road and routes are open to travel.
  • College parking lots are accessible.
  • Interstate 64 is open for travel.
  • Conditions appear to be such as to allow students, faculty and staff to reach campus.

How do I find out if the College delays opening or cancels classes and closes business operations?

The College's primary means for communicating to students, faculty and staff - including information on weather-related delays, closure of non-essential offices and cancellation of classes is the Inclement Weather Notification as follows:

  • e2Campus Text Alert System which will issue alerts via web, e-mail and voice mail, and also via SMS text messages to those who provide mobile phone numbers
  • Web
  • Employee Telephone Tree
  • Media (TV, Radio, and Print)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)

In most cases where decisions on the College operating status can be made in the overnight and early morning hours, information on weather-related delays or closure of non-essential offices and cancellation of classes will be made via Inclement Weather Notification by 6 a.m.

In addition to the Inclement Weather Notification, the College employs secondary communication methods to aid in disseminating weather related closures, delays or other emergency information through the following sources. These sources are activated after the Inclement Weather Notification, and should not be relied upon as the most timely and accurate information sources, since some of these sources further down the list are outside the College's direct control:

  • Weather information hotline: Individuals may call 757-825-3662 for recorded announcements about the College's operating status;
  • College home page (www. In the event inclement weather affects the College's operating status, a graphic link to detailed information and policies will be placed prominently on the College's home page;
  • College switchboard: The switchboard, at 757-825-2700, provides information about the College's operating status when inclement weather strikes; this number often may be busy due to volume;
  • External media: Local radio and television stations will be informed whenever the College's operating status is affected, but should not be relied upon as a primary source of information.

If the College cancels classes for the day, when does it officially resume normal operations again?

Normal College operations, including all academic classes and business operations, will commence at the regularly scheduled time on the next work day.